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Whether you are just starting your business and need help with transactional matters such as corporate formation and partnership agreements or you have an operating business and are involved in litigation, KMB Law Group, Inc. has the legal knowledge, business experience, and resources to provide your business with affordable professional legal services.

KMB Law Group, Inc. has extensive experience serving as General Counsel to corporations and primarily focuses on litigation while reducing risk and exposure to its clients. KMB Law Group, Inc. accomplishes this goal by establishing preventive measures including developing policies and procedures and by engaging in defense of corporations in litigation.

KMB Law Group, Inc. has an extensive network of domestic and international partner law firms that it partners with to better serve the needs of its clients.

About Kevin

Kevin Badkoubehi has extensive experience in the areas of real estate, employment and business litigation as well as business entity formation. Kevin’s commitment to excellence is the engine that has driven his reputation over his 20 years of practice as a trusted litigation attorney. His strength lies in his ability to bring creative solutions to complex issues, turning problems into opportunities. He has served long-standing clients who expect and receive superior work product and competent advice at reasonable rates. It is his firm belief that the relationship between a client and his or her attorney is unique and that the best interests of a client are served by long-standing individual relationships and personalized service.

Individuals and businesses of all walks of life have turned to Kevin over the years with their most important and challenging business, real estate and employment disputes. It has been Kevin’s philosophy that an attorney should evaluate legal and business problems from the perspective of trial lawyers and business people. Kevin works very closely with each client in a team approach to develop a solution that will best accomplish that particular client’s specific goals and desires.

Kevin has extensive experience litigating sophisticated Real Estate disputes including lawsuits between purchasers and sellers of real estate; actions among partners or members of partnerships, breach of business agreements, wage and hourly violations, wrongful termination actions, sexual harassment actions, and compensation disputes relating to exempt employees.


Kevin earned his bachelor of arts degree from University of California, Los Angeles in 1991. He earned his law degree from the University of West Los Angeles School of Law in Los Angeles, California in 1994.

Kevin is admitted to practice in State of California, and is registered to practice before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit as well as United State District Court, Central District of California.

What we practice

Personal injury

Business litigation

Real estate litigation

Employment Law

Entity Formation


Personalized Concierge Law

Let KMB Law Group, Inc. serve as your virtual in-house counsel, providing both on-site and off-site services essential to a successful and efficient business. At KMB Law Group, Inc., we understand the daily concerns and challenges faced by clients managing businesses. We are able to assist clients with daily challenges faced in the areas of operations, employment, compliance, and finance before they turn into a problem.

Labor & Employment

Among the multiple challenges facing today’s employers, labor and employment claims may pose the highest threat to productivity, profitability and, in some instances, even a company’s existence, involving full blown litigation over wage and hour, discrimination, harassment, and wrongful discharge claims. In addition, employers often find themselves in violation of various labor codes despite their good faith effort to comply. KMB Law Group, Inc. is a firm specializing in defending employers in litigation commenced by employees against employers.

We provide day-to-day counseling to employers on a variety of human resource matters, such as exempt/non-exempt classification, proper handling of sexual harassment claims, leave of absence and employee hiring, discipline and termination. As part of our counseling function, we draft critical employment policies and agreements, which includes:

  • Wage and hour-compliance with state and federal regulations
  • Exempt/non exempt status, overtime, piece rate, rest periods and meal period
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Required postings, notices and record keeping
  • Employee handbooks
  • Personnel policies
  • Checklists and forms for terminations, layoffs, hiring, severance
  • Harassment claims and investigations
  • Employee contracts/non-competition agreements
  • Family and medical leave act
  • Americans with disability act
  • Advise and counseling re terminations; prepare termination agreements and releases

Corporate & General Business

Choosing the correct form of entity can have very significant legal and financial consequences for the business and its principals. Therefore, it is extremely important that clients make an informed decision. Once the business is formed and operating, compliance is absolutely necessary in order to reap the benefits and protections that each business entity offers. Our goal is to handle some of these matters for you so that you can focus your energy on building your core business. KMB Law Group, Inc. can assist clients in the areas of:

Corporate Formation
  • Advice re proper form of entity needed for business
  • Search and reserve name
  • Prepare and file articles of incorporation with secretary of state
  • Obtain Tax ID Number/ EDD employment account number
  • Prepare bylaws, organizational minutes, prepare and file statement of information
  • Stock/share issuance
  • Prepare and file tax status election for corporation
  • Prepare corporate book, corporate seal
  • Prepare operating agreements, shareholder agreements, partnership agreements, stock options, buy-sell agreements, indemnification agreements
  • Serve as the agent for service of process (annual charge applies)
Corporate Compliance and Risk Management
  • Business licensing information and fees, permits and regulatory compliance
  • Insurance
  • Guidelines to protect trade secrets
  • Establish non-competition provisions for executives
Corporate Maintenance
  • Prepare annual minutes and resolutions
  • Prepare shareholder and/or director minutes and resolutions re major company decisions
  • File annual statement of information
  • Reminders re annual meetings
Corporate Dissolution and Revival of Suspended Corporation Status
General Business Services
  • NDA’s, confidentiality agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements, stock option agreements, indemnity agreements, mergers and acquisitions
  • Vendor/customer agreements
  • Collection matters
  • Bankruptcy counseling


Every major business transaction entails various contracts and agreements. Whether you need help with drafting the terms of purchase that appear on the back of your purchase orders or you are setting up a manufacturing plant in a foreign country, KMB Law Group Inc. is ready and prepared to serve your needs. KMB Law Group Inc. can assist clients with various business needs, including:

General Agreements
  • Review, draft and negotiate terms of contracts
  • Review, draft and negotiate terms of distribution agreements
  • Review, draft and negotiate terms of manufacturing agreements
  • Review, draft and negotiate terms of design agreements
  • Review, draft and negotiate terms of and consulting agreements
Real Estate
  • Acquisitions and leasing of showrooms
  • Acquisitions and leasing of Industrial/manufacturing spaces
  • Acquisitions and leasing of retail space
  • Leases, assignments, subleases, terminations, renewals
Factoring and Financing
  • Review, draft and negotiate terms of factoring agreements
  • Assistance in handling notice of default and failure to maintain adequate borrowing base
  • Review, draft and negotiate terms of forbearance agreements


A company’s intangible assets are often times its most valuable. Building a value in a brand is extremely challenging and costly. It is imperative that clients engage the services of professionals at the onset to protect the company’s intangible assets. Often times, clients spend substantial funds and resources on a brand just to find out that they have lost important rights because they failed to adequately attain and protect their intellectual property. KMB Law Group, Inc. can assist in the acquisition and protection of clients’ intellectual property through:

Trademark Registration
  • Trademark search and selection
  • Conflict check with third party registrations
  • Filing trademark registration application, determining classes and jurisdictions to file for trademark protection
  • Selection of international counsel to assist in international registrations
Trademark Management
  • Watching and analyzing third party registrations for potential conflicts
  • Keeping track of post-registration deadlines
  • Assisting international counsel with post-registration deadlines; coordination and management of trademarks with international counsel
  • Protecting, prosecuting, opposing, preparing cease and desist letters, and conducting counterfeit investigations
Licensing Trademarks
  • Negotiating terms
  • Reviewing and drafting Licensing agreement

Business Litigation

We understand the impact and effect litigation can have on a company and we’re committed to working with you to avoid litigation, wherever possible. If litigation does becomes inevitable, we’ll move quickly to contain risk and minimize its impact. While we understand discovery is a very costly aspect of litigation, we’ll focus our energies in a clearly targeted discovery process and keep you updated along the way to the resolution of the case.

Our litigation practice involves many aspects of business and commercial litigation, including, construction, communications, general business, insurance, intellectual property, real estate, unfair competitive practices litigation; labor and employment litigation and arbitration; collections.

Our litigators represent clients in a broad spectrum of industries such as computers and information technology, manufacturing, transportation, security companies, medical clinics,communications, pharmaceuticals, advertising, print and broadcast media, real estate, construction, and food and beverage manufacturing, among others.

The attorneys in our Litigation Practice have substantial experience in a wide variety of vehicles for dispute resolution, including litigation, arbitration, and mediation. We believe that it is essential to control costs for our clients while maintaining the kind of creativity, aggressiveness, and responsiveness our clients deserve.

  • Breach of contract disputes
  • Wrongful termination, Sexual Harrassment, Discrimination, and other employment disputes
  • Collections

Business Interruption Claims

Kevin has many years of experience in disputes related to insurance claims.

Personal Injury

You will need a lawyer to represent you in your lawsuit because insurance companies are unlikely to just hand you the amount you deserve. Naturally, their main goal is to maximize their profits. This means they have an incentive to pay you as little as possible and get you to sign a liability release form, which will bar you from further recovery. However, the little amounts that these companies offer are rarely enough to cover your medical bills, let alone other monetary damages such as lost wages and pain & suffering. Therefore, hiring an experienced attorney who is a litigator is your best option. When the insurance company sees that that the attorneys representing you are litigators and will not just settle for any amount they can get, they will think twice before trying to force you into a minimal settlement. We are experienced in litigating all kinds of traffic accidents, including car, truck, and motorcycle accidents.

We will win or you don’t pay. It’s that simple. We understand that you have already been through a lot and to make your life easier, we offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation to review your case. Next, we will discuss your options. are GUARANTEED. If we take your case, we will get paid only when you do. We will win, or you owe us nothing.

Real Estate

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Let KMB Law Group, Inc. serve as your virtual in-house counsel, providing both on-site and off-site services essential to a successful and efficient business.

Conveniently located in southern California, KMB Law Group, Inc. is prepared to represent each client with its in depth knowledge of the law and litigation skills.

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